Bring Confidence®
To Dental Practices

Confidence® provides transparency to dentist and patients by verifying work has been completed consistently and publishing it on-premise, to any digital device, and community.

“America’s dentists are facing a fresh crisis of trust, this time from their staff as well as their patients. Dental staff, asked to return to work in the midst of a pandemic after being furloughed or laid off, worried about whether they would be safe and whether they would bring the virus home to their families. “

Fortune Magazine
October 2020


Confidence® enables dentists to support HIPAA compliance and keep their employees and patients safe and healthy

Dental Practice Challenges

Poor Communication

Guidelines are confusing and poorly communicated

Health And Safety Requirements

Health and safety is now a must for patients

Decrease in Cost Control

Cost control has become more challenging with new protocols

Lack of Transparency

Solutions are cumbersome and don’t provide transparency

Inconsistent Experiences

Inconsistencies in quality of treatment 

Reduction in Appointments

Dentists are seeing a reduction in patient appointments  

How It Works






Team member completes all tasks required for compliance on the Confidence® App. The results are sent to the Confidence Cloud®.



The Confidence Cloud® processes the request with its AI engine, confirms the authenticity, and creates the Badge of ConfidenceTM.


Badge of

The Badge of ConfidenceTM  can be published to the Confidence Smart DisplayTM, Community of ConfidenceTM, or any other digital property.

Bring Confidence
To Patients

With the Confidence® Platform, dentists can verify in real-time that their practice is being managed to provide the highest quality of service for patients. Dentists can see quickly and easily that they are providing patients with peace of mind about health and safety in office.

Value of Confidence®

Increase Patient Loyalty And Retention

Deliver clear, easy-to-understand health and safety measures

Fast Time to Value

Ready-loaded Dental Practice protocols

Increase Cost Control

Improve cost control though consistent operations 

Reduce Cancellations

Reduce patient cancellations due to poor operations

Improve Communication

Instant language translation for staff

Improve Ratings

Increase positive patient reviews

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Reduce maintenance costs on equipment

Be Transparent with Patients

Be a part of the Community of ConfidenceTM

Use Confidence® to give patients confidence in you


The free trial is 30 days.  Have fun.  Try it out.  Get things done!

The Team Owner is the person who wants to stay informed and understand progress.  The Team Manager is the person who helps create a job or task and assigns it to a Team Member. Team Members are the people who execute on the tasks.

We will replace it the next day.

Absolutely!  In the app, you can add more Team Managers, Team Members, or Confidence Smart Displays.  

Users have access to several templates in the Confidence Marketplace, including cleaning protocols. Users also can create their own templates if they wish.