Evolution of Getting Work Done

At Confidence we talk about doing work right and aim to transform the routines behind the way people do work. We recognize this is a Herculean undertaking. We also recognize we live in an age where trust is the new currency, and consumers need to know businesses are doing work the way they say they will.


Still, the notion of “doing work” in and of itself is worth a deeper dive.


It’s no secret that people have been doing work for years and years—millennia, really. But two things have changed over time: 1) The work we’re doing, and 2) The tools we use to do it.


The first part is easy to wrap your head around. Prehistoric nomadic groups of humans hunted and gathered. Later, we built basic societies around trade and barter. In the 1800s, most work revolved around growing industry. By the middle of last century, we transitioned into the modern era with some of the same verticals we have today.


The second part, however—that’s where the real transformations have occurred. In the distant past we used the abacus, pencil and paper, and other low-tech methods. Eventually we transitioned into computers because they enabled us to automate calculations and do work better. Then came the Internet, which enabled us to collaborate with people, remotely, in near real time, to do work faster. Finally, mobile phones arrived, and over the last decade or so they have empowered us to get work done any time and any place.


This graphic below details this evolution. It also shows what’s coming next: Artificial Intelligence, or AI.



AI provides the foundation for the Confidence Cloud; it’s how we give customers the ability to monitor and manage compliance with tasks and workflows in multiple locations simultaneously. Our AI is proprietary, so we can only explain generally about how it works (more on that next week).


We can, however, tell you this: Our AI facilitates consistency across the board. The more consistent the work, the more success it facilitates and the lower costs drop. 


Put differently, AI is the next evolution of getting work done right because it puts us in position to do work with the same level of consistency again and again and again. Our AI enhances performance and enables people to get work done – the right way.


Upon first use, customers feed the Confidence Cloud with photographs of what each task should look like when it has been completed satisfactorily. From that point forward, every time associates capture images of their completed tasks, our engine automatically checks these images against what we have in our system as the baseline.


If things check out, the system kicks the task to a manager for final (and human) approval; if not, the system rejects the effort and (kindly, we like to think) requests that the associate try to achieve compliance again.


This is important because it pins completion on hard data and eliminates emotion and subjectivity from the equation of getting work done right. It’s the epitome of consistency.


Taken as a whole, the Confidence solution enables customers to get work done better, faster, more flexibly and with reliable regularity. This is what we mean when we tout our ability to do-things-right. It’s also why we’re confident that embracing our unique approach will deliver peace of mind to companies and consumers alike.


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